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How many years in the mortgage industry or financial industries?

I began my mortgage career in 2021 and am thrilled to bring my experience working with RHMC’s accomplished team of processors, underwriters, and closing specialists to design a solution customized to your particular financial needs.


Any outside interests or things that matter to you? 

In my spare time, I like to listen to various podcasts and watch informative videos on mortgage and financial industries. This way, I am continuously improving my knowledge and skills as a loan officer, and keeping up with the current events in the field. In addition, I like to spend time with my family and pets - three cats and a bird.


What makes you great?

Let me alleviate any confusion or anxieties you may have about the process, so you can enjoy a smooth path to the perfect loan. I am committed to listening to your needs, proposing options and solutions, communicating with you throughout the loan process, and offering candid and rigorous mortgage advice tailored to your needs—and the needs of your family.


Why Residential Home Mortgage Corporation? How can you help? 

I believe strongly in what Residential Home Mortgage Corporation is able to provide to their clients. Great rates and great service. Our rates are consistently the lowest in the industry. I can help by always making myself available to the borrower and making sure they have a great experience.


Anything else you want people to know about you?

The journey toward purchasing your dream home is a significant step, and one that I have endured myself. I understand the anxiety and confusion that can come with applying for a mortgage. Approaching each client as though they are family, I internalize their needs and appreciate the gravity of each financial decision weighed against my client’s ideal outcomes. Empathy is what makes me unique as a loan officer; my client relationships are guided by strong communication and compassion for others.

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Just ask for Charlie Calco. I am here to help you get pre-approved or answer any questions you may have about our simple process - Mortgage Smartly™

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If you are deciding on a home purchase loan, you want the interest rate, monthly payment and term options that best fit your personal situation.


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Rates are a record low. When you work with RHMC, our rates are always lower than the national average. This option could mean significant savings.

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Rate lock guarantee protects you from an increase in interest rates during the loan process.

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